Unified Communications Open Interoperability Program – Lync Server
Wipro offers the qualification program for SIP/PSTN Gateways, IP-PBXs and SIP Trunking Services as part of the Microsoft Unified Communications Open Interoperability program. The program ensures that the customers have seamless experiences with setup, support, and use of qualified telephony infrastructure and services with Microsoft's unified communications software. MS OCS Server Certification

Wipro offers the program from its Qualification Centers in Bellevue, WA, USA and Hyderabad, India. Wipro may offer the program soon from Reading, Berkshire, UK.

The Scope of the qualification:

The environments where MS Lync Server 2010 utilizes one or more of the following for communication with PSTN:

The focus of testing is primarily designed for vendors to ensure interoperability with Microsoft unified communications solutions.

Wipro offer the following programs.
a. Pre-Qualification program (optional)
The purpose of the Pre-Qualification Program is to help the vendor assess the Product's compliance towards the Interoperability Qualification. Any changes required if identified in the early stages of the Product Life cycle should aid in quick turnaround for the Interoperability Qualification.

Pre-Qualification Program Process




By Vendors

By Wipro

By Wipro

1. Registration - Provide company information for registration (One time activity)
2. Contract - Agree for terms & conditions and sign the contract. (one time activity)
3. Payment–Must be paid in full before the testing can start
4. Submission - Submit Product to Wipro Interoperability testing center
1. Execution - Wipro will execute the identified test cases and cover critical functionality as part of the qualification program
1. Report - Wipro will create consolidated test report for each product tested which will include the test results for each test case executed


What is not covered under Pre-Qualification test?

For pricing and  more information write to Lync-Qualify@wipro.com or contact +1-425-577-5020

Wipro Technologies, 110 Atrium Suite 300, 110th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA, 98004

b. Qualification program

Vendor Process for Interoperability qualification program:

To qualify: Vendors of SIP/PSTN Gateways, IP-PBX's, and SIP Trunking services must meet Technical and Program requirements listed below:

Technical Requirements:

1. The vendor must be an IP-PBX, SIP/PSTN Gateway or SIP Trunking vendor
Note: System integrators utilizing 3rd party hardware are not eligible.
2. For Direct SIP: Comply to the specification - "Lync Server 2010 Gateway Spec" or "Lync Server 2010 IP-PBX Spec" - interfaces for connection to Lync 2010 Mediation Server.
3. For SIP Trunking services: Comply to the specification “Partner Spec – SIP Trunking interoperability R2”. For service providers using an Acme Packet SBC, please refer to the document "Microsoft Communications Server "14" SIP Trunking with the Acme Packet Net-Net Session Director", available for download here.

Program Requirements:

1. The vendor company must sign an NDA with Microsoft
2. Join Microsoft Connect:
i. Login to Microsoft Connect with Windows Live ID.
Note: Users must create/use ID with their corporate email domain name. Applications with non-corporate email domain names such as hotmail.com will not be accepted.
ii. Click invitations on the left navigation
iii. Use the Invitation code:oip-YJ3X-7FK4
iv. Fill out the survey with your corporate email address
v. After 4-5 business days, Microsoft provides the approval and access to the technical specifications, documentation on the program requirements and information on how to engage with Wipro for the qualification program.
3. The vendor must become a member of TSANet
4. Successfully meet technical Qualification Program requirements at Wipro for the respective qualification level
5. The vendor must provide Quick Start Guide for configuration steps for MS Lync Server 2010
6. Provide dedicated website for MS Lync Server 2010 supported products, including support, ordering, and technical documentation.

Phases in the Qualification process:


For pricing and  more information write to Lync-Qualify@wipro.com or contact +1-425-577-5020


Wipro Technologies, 110 Atrium Suite 300, 110th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA, 98004